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Terms & Conditions - MSG DOOR

Satisfying customers by proffering awe-inspiring text messaging facilities to the esteemed users is the utmost concern and focus of MSG Door. Therefore, this company has undertaken all essential steps to become the most popular messaging service, catering millions of clients every day. With the combination of hard work and determination, MSG Door has strived to extend the quality and comfort to the regular clients by offering commendable services at very affordable prices. Following are the in depth details that the Terms and Conditions of the company comprise of, which the users are instructed to read with attention:

Registration & Activities

As soon as the user provides with the basic essential personal information and it has been verified, the account is handed over to them. This indicates the onset of the usage of the outstanding messaging services provided by MSG Door. Hundreds of features are available to maximise the ease of the user and make it a one stop destination with multiple options.

Bulk Text Messaging Solution

Registration is the only prerequisite to get associated with MSG Door in order to acquire a completely functional account that allows quick connection with the recipients. This message forum caters the global audience by extending international coverage at affordable rates. Nevertheless, the proclaimed messaging solution may vary from place to place depending upon the cooperation of your service provider.

Verification of Account

It is guaranteed that the platform of MSG Door gives a secure and protected interaction with the recipients to every user. However, if he or she visits other related links and sites, then any resulting compromise on the encryption of data shall not be the concern of the company. Therefore, the user is strongly instructed to remain within circumscribe of MSG Door to benefit from being protected throughout, ascertaining satisfactory sharing of the private and professional information.

Disclosure & Privacy

Details of the users pertaining to personal and professional particulars are only accessible by the designated individuals so that it is kept secure. Therefore, no collected information is either shared or distributed to any third parties or others. In case, if the information as to be shared we shall take the permission of the users prior to such action. Moreover, the clients are kept updated with essential details sent to them via email.

Miscellaneous Information

Payment has to be made at the requested time, which shall be closely monitored with time. If the customer fails to fulfil the promised claims he or she shall be exposed to legal proceedings. Therefore, it is expected that the user as completely understood the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to acknowledge the messaging services and compliance of set rules.

Account Termination

Be vigilant that the platform of MSG Door be used as per the rules and no individual has the authority to use it for any other purpose, which has not been discussed. Misleading and misguiding acts leading to fraud or cheating shall be dealt with strict measures. Therefore, MSG Door checks random messages to assure that this forum is not being used for ill activities.