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Reseller API – MSG Door

Foreword to MSG Door, a Message Entryway

MSG Door offers a thrilling message gateway to the users in order to register online and initiate sending messages to the entire contact list in record time. Utilise this function to send unlimited messages directly to your contacts using our website. Varied features can be uploaded and the customised contact list can be manually added, as soon as the user has completed the process of registration. Easily integrate the API code on your application and our message gateway API allows online interfacing between the distinct gateway and the application via HTTP protocol.


Every user is handed over a specialised product token via email, as the registration process is completed. Hereafter, to proceed with the request, the token has to be used that looks like

(Ad23eafab7-4dda-aac7-92f1b19fbdc3) :

Send a Message at MSG Door

TheAPI supports only HTTP requests while sending the text message.Every user can integrate multi messaging system by using multipart supporting API.More details are given in the section of Multipart.

Long Messages in Multipart

If you send a message that exceed 150 characters in length, than it is sent as a multipart message. This deploys the cutting of the very long texts in several short messages to enable quick and hasty delivery of the message. However, the multipart in messages are pasted into a single text again as it is received. The characters both minimum and maximum, having 150 and 1200 characters respectively can be defined as follows:



In addition, there are certain limitations subjected to the practice of multipart messaging that entails the following:

  • No more than 150 maximum characters can be present in each message.
  • As per SMS standard, only 255 messages part is allowed but it shall be sent in no more than 8 message parts that have the maximum limit of 1200 characters.
  • Select the operator that handles multipart message functionality as not every operator entertains such requirement.

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