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Privacy Policy- Msg Door

Ensuring the systematic functionality of the MSG Door, a proclaimed and distinguished business text messaging solution, well versed framework of Privacy Policy has been framed. This comprehensive set of rules and regulations are designed to enlighten the users and clients about the practices followed at this platform. It is highly recommended and advised that the Privacy Policy should be strictly abided by everyone and no one shall be an exemption from such rule. With time the information can be modified or changed as per the requirement and MSG Door is not entitled to be subjected if notifications are not made prior to such act. Read the following Privacy Policy and understand it thoroughly before utilising the proffered services:

Eligibility Criteria

Age is the major criteria for evaluating the eligibility of the user and should not be less than 13 to benefit from the messaging services proffered by MSG Door. Accurate personal and professional details should be submitted with no misleading or wrong information to ascertain accuracy in dealing. Username and password strictly belong to the assigned user only.

  • Registration

    Fill the requested details that appear in the shape of a form and ask for information pertaining to the particulars such as:

    • User Name
    • Billing Address
    • Contact
    • Email ID
  • Information

    The provided information should be about the user specifically and it is displayed on the panel. However, it can be modified and updated to keep the clients informed.

Personal Information

User’s data collected at the time of registration is verified to examine its accuracy before allowing access the account assigned, facilitating the usage of the messaging service.

  • Privacy

    The details are kept confidential assuring that the privacy shall not be breached under any circumstances. Valuing the trust of the user, highly secure interaction domains are designed so that no interruption or leaking may occur.

  • Disclosure

    MSG Door assures that no personal or professional information provided to the officials shall be shared at any cost to provide a safe environment to the users. However, only when the records are requested by government or security to prove identify, we shall disclose the information with the user’s consent.

Third Parties Association

MSG Door is responsible for guaranteeing security and protecting privacy of the user until the services are obtained within the official website. However, if the multiple links and advertisements present on the web page are used and the user is on a different site, MSG Door shall not be entitled to their protection. Therefore, cautiously serve the third party website.

  • Cookies

    By enabling cookies on websites the user experience is notably enhanced and the search pattern is examined to allow accessing the desired information quicker. Nonetheless, the user can block the cookies or disable them.

Access to Users

Access to Users Users are free to use any available feature on the MSG Door official website to benefit from the texting packages.

  • Limitations

    Since, MSG Door has sternly advised the users to not deviate to the other harmful sites, if the user does so he or she may not subject this platform responsible for any loss of personal information.